Where and When to Find Your Horse in Diablo 4: Unveiling the Equestrian Adventure

Diablo 4 Horse

Discovering the Eagerly Awaited Mount

In the realm of Diablo 4, players embark on a journey teeming with thrilling quests and challenges. One question on every adventurer’s lips is, “Where can I find my loyal equine companion?” Unlike its predecessors, Diablo 4 introduces horses as an exciting new feature within its expansive and immersive map. If you’ve been wondering about their whereabouts, we’ve got the answers.

Patience is Key: The Quest for Equine Companionship

As you progress through the game’s meticulously crafted Acts, you may find yourself eagerly anticipating the moment you saddle up. However, the road to obtaining a horse is not a short one. Brace yourself for an arduous adventure through the six Acts of Diablo 4.

Act 4: A Land of Promise and Mounts

Rejoice, for the beginning of Act 4 marks a turning point in your journey toward equestrian bliss. Prepare yourself for the pivotal quest known as “Mount: Doran’s Favor.” This quest will lead you to the enchanting realm of Kyovashad, where you will forge an unbreakable bond with your noble steed.

A Mount for All: The Perks of Equine Companionship

The thrill of riding a horse in Diablo 4 extends beyond mere transportation. Horses play a significant role in the realm of microtransaction cosmetics, offering a plethora of customization options. While various horses share similar gameplay mechanics, the opportunity to adorn your mount with unique accessories awaits. Earn prestigious adornments such as the Ashava horn, a testament to your triumph over the formidable World Boss during the beta. And remember, more cosmetic options will likely become available for those seeking a truly distinct and personalized equine experience.

Taming the Realm: Challenges and Opportunities

During your adventures, you may question the necessity of horses as you sprint past hordes of enemies. While the sprawling map offers fast-travel points, some players argue that additional waypoints could have sufficed. Blizzard Entertainment has also implemented changes to the TP system, adding a new layer of complexity to the choice between horseback travel and other means of transportation. It’s important to note that horses cannot accompany you within dungeons or interior quest areas, necessitating combat encounters within those confined spaces.

Galloping Towards a Stylish Future

Keep your eyes peeled for the stunning array of horse cosmetics awaiting intrepid adventurers in Diablo 4. Blizzard Entertainment recognizes the potential allure and revenue streams offered by these enticing equine ensembles. While some cosmetics can be earned through in-game accomplishments, others may be available for purchase, allowing you to stand out from the crowd with style and grace.


In the world of Diablo 4, the quest for a trusty steed adds an exciting dimension to your gameplay experience. While obtaining a horse requires patience and progression through the game’s Acts, the moment you acquire your equine companion in Act 4 is well worth the wait. As you embark on thrilling adventures, remember that horses not only serve as a means of transportation but also offer opportunities for customization and self-expression through microtransaction cosmetics.

While galloping across the vast map of Diablo 4, consider the balance between the convenience of fast-travel points and the immersive experience of horseback travel. Engage in combat, explore dungeons, and tackle interior quest areas on foot, for horses are unable to accompany you within those confines. Keep an eye out for the ever-expanding selection of horse cosmetics, where Blizzard Entertainment aims to provide both earned and purchasable options, allowing you to personalize your mount and stand out in the realms of Sanctuary.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable equestrian adventure in Diablo 4, where the bond between horse and hero awaits

When do I get my horse in Diablo 4?

You will receive your horse at the beginning of Act 4 in Diablo 4. Prior to that, you’ll have to progress through the game’s Acts, including the lengthy Act 3.

Can all characters on my account access the horse once I obtain it?

Yes, once you acquire a horse with one character, all other characters on your account will have immediate access to a horse from the start of their journey.

Are there different types of horses in Diablo 4?

While gameplay-wise, all horses function similarly, there is the opportunity for customization. You can earn or purchase adornments for your horse, allowing you to personalize its appearance.

Can I use a horse inside dungeons or interior quest areas?

No, horses cannot be used within dungeons or interior quest areas in Diablo 4. Combat and exploration within those spaces must be done on foot.

How can I obtain additional horse cosmetics in Diablo 4?

Blizzard Entertainment offers a variety of horse cosmetics, some of which can be earned through in-game achievements or specific events. Others may be available for purchase as microtransaction options, providing further customization for your mount.

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