What Are the 8 Flavors in Dr Pepper?

What are the 8 flavors in Dr Pepper? Most people know about Dr Pepper’s original flavor, which is made with 23 flavors and has become the most popular beverage in the United States since its launch in 1885. But what are the other eight flavors that complement the original flavor and make Dr Pepper taste like the delicious drink it is today? This article explores the eight other flavors that help make Dr Pepper so enjoyable!

A Quick Overview

Dr Pepper was invented and first sold on a farm near Waco, Texas. (Yep, Waco.) One of its major ingredients is prune juice. Most varieties include caffeine, but diet versions don’t. It isn’t clear exactly how many flavors are in Dr Pepper because there are so many ways to order it depending on which state you’re ordering from.

Number 1

Orange. Dr Pepper’s original flavor, orange was used to mask some of the soda’s less pleasant flavors. Though Dr Pepper is now made with natural flavors, it retains a slightly different taste than other sodas because of its unique flavoring process. Number 2: Lime. Lime is also used as a flavor additive in colas like Coca-Cola, so it was quite logical for Dr Pepper to use it as well. The results speak for themselves: not only is lime (or lemon-lime) one of Dr Pepper’s most popular flavors but some varieties are even called Dr Peppery. Number 3: Wintergreen. This minty flavor actually contains oil from wintergreen leaves, which itself has no inherent smell or taste. Instead, wintergreen refers to a number of similar mint oils that have combined attributes and are commonly used together in confectionary or medicinal products. Dr Pepper uses birch tar oil and methyl salicylate oil in its drink along with an artificial form of wintergreen called methyl anthranilate. For a more traditional wintergreen experience that doesn’t come blended into your soft drink, you can try chewing on some naturally-occurring wintergreen leaves—though we suggest taking care since they’re toxic when consumed uncooked!

Number 2

Cinnamon Dr Pepper (2007) — Introduced for a limited time in 2007, you could only get your hands on Cinnamon Dr Pepper at Wal-Mart stores. This was one of several limited-edition flavors from independent bottlers hoping to rekindle America’s taste for Dr Pepper. It quickly disappeared, but gained a cult following and has been put back into production sporadically since its initial debut. The soda tasted like what you’d expect: A less intense version of Red Hot cinnamon candies and Big Red gum, but not as overpowering as actual cinnamon candy or gum. At first sip, it’s hard to believe that it’s Dr Pepper. The cola flavor seems muted by a mild vanilla taste with light hints of spice like nutmeg or allspice.

Number 3

Vanilla. Vanilla is by far one of my favorite ingredients. Not only does it add a wonderful flavor to many desserts, but it also has proven health benefits. For example, vanilla has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce pain and swelling. Additionally, some studies have found that vanilla extract can promote healthier cholesterol levels. What’s not to love about that? Whenever I’m making a dessert, I like to add a splash of vanilla extract because I know it will make my recipe taste better while providing health benefits too! Try adding some pure vanilla extract into your next dessert or smoothie recipe for an extra kick of flavor and antioxidants! The PaleoHacks Cookbook has over 100 paleo recipes with added vanilla extract to make healthy eating easy.

Number 4

Sarsaparilla is a popular flavor of root beer. This can be hard to find, but if you’re lucky enough to come across it, consider yourself very lucky indeed. The flavor of sarsaparilla can be described as smelling like crayons. In its purest form, sarsaparilla comes from an Amazonian plant called Smilax ornata which is used to make an extract that provides a sweet and slightly bitter taste. More commonly though, most root beers are made with an extract derived from what was once known as wild sarsaparilla or bark of the spruce tree which is actually Chinese star anise.

Number 5

(5) Vanilla and Orange. The official flavor ingredients for Vanilla are sugar, water, alcohol, natural and artificial flavors, propylene glycol alginate, and benzoic acid (to preserve freshness). The official flavor ingredients for Orange are sugar, water, natural orange peel oil, and other oils, beta carotene (for color), citric acid (to preserve freshness), propylene glycol alginate, and benzoic acid (to preserve freshness). These flavors are present at a ratio of approximately 35 parts orange to 1 part vanilla. When vanilla is listed first in a flavor ingredient statement it signifies that much more of that particular flavor is used relative to other ingredients. This product also contains high fructose corn syrup along with caramel color.

Number 6

Vanilla The original flavor of Coca-Cola is still a part of many Coke products today, including Vanilla Coke. The vanilla syrup was used by various soda fountain shops to add a little extra sweetness and vanilla to their sodas, so when it came time to choose one flavor for its new drink, it only made sense that Coca-Cola would choose vanilla. This became part of a larger family known as vanilla colas that also included such tasty varieties as Orange Crush and Barq’s Root Beer. Today, you can find plenty of other soda brands offering their own spin on vanilla flavored soda – with varying levels of success – but you can’t really beat classic Coca-Cola for taste or nostalgia.

Number 7

Vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon are added to give it a flavor that can be tasted when you take a sip. This is why some people say it’s similar to root beer, but with a kick. Although it’s sweet, there is an even blend of both flavors, making for a yummy soft drink. Vanilla also helps balance out some of its citrus taste – just like adding vanilla ice cream to other fruits (lemonade or pineapple juice). So if you are looking for something new to try, be sure to stop by your local store and pick up one of these tasty drinks!

Number 8

Vanilla – Found right on top of a can of Dr Pepper, vanilla is one of eight flavors that make up one deliciously unique soda. Vanilla helps round out many drinks and foods, so it’s not too surprising to find it here. If you’re enjoying a slice of cake at home or something similar and find it lacks some depth, throw a bit of vanilla extract into your bowl before enjoying. Not only will you get something that tastes better but also something much more interesting to chew on.

Concluding Words

If you love orange soda, there are few things better than a crisp, cold glass of Dr Pepper. In fact, some people go so far as to call it America’s Favorite Soda. I’ll admit that part of me does wonder how such a universally loved drink is so unknown outside of North America, but if something works, who am I to argue with tradition? It’s one of those drinks that has a built-in nostalgia factor as well – soda fountains were once common across American cities and almost every school cafeteria I went to had a machine dispensing plastic cups full of bubbly soda goodness. People have been enjoying it for over 120 years and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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