What are the Symptoms of HPV in Females

Symptoms of HPV in Females

So, if you are here and reading this article then you must be here for yourself or any of your loved ones who are suffering from HPV. But if not then you want to know the full information related to HPV and also the symptoms shown in a female while she is suffering from HPV. 

Firstly let’s have a look at it. What is HPV?

Full Form of HPV:

The H stands for Human, P stands for papilloma, and V for the virus. Thus it is Human papillomavirus. It is the virus that transmits sexually. It is the most common virus which spreads in the united states. Let’s talk about the HPV virus and its symptoms in females in detail so, you can catch the virus (if affected) initially and after treatment get rid of it.

HPV Virus in Females is Harmful:

If we see the initial virus forming then no it is not harmful and goes away on its own but yes if not gets treated on time then it can form different types and some of them may lead to genital cancers. Then it could be harmful.

Now the question arises that if a woman caught HPV and she comes in contact with a male sexually then how percent she may transfer this to a male? The answer is it there is a 99% chance of disease transmission. If an infected woman gets in touch with a man orally or through vaginal sex she transmits HPV to the man and he gets affected too.

How Can a Female be Safe From HPV:

It is possible to live a safe vaginal life and also protect others from spreading this disease by keeping an eye on the symptoms of HPV.

Firstly to avoid any private part disease or virus one should make sure to clean the vaginal area twice a week. Vagina also needs care and needs to be clean like other body parts as it is part of your body and if it gets disturbed your whole body gets affected. Now come towards the most important topic Symptoms shown in a female who is affected by HPV.

Symptoms of HPV in Females:

There are not many symptoms that indicate HPV in females but there are some symptoms to are noticeable and if noticed on time the virus could be treated and you can get saved from the virus becoming cancer.

Suffering From Pain While Having Sex:

If a female suffers pain instead of enjoying sex then she should be concerned about her vagina. Initial levels of HPV can create an itching sensation or pain while having sex. Pain in sex usually occurs when you tried it for the first time or when your private part is not lubricated enough. But be curious when you suffer from pain and the pain resists you to enjoy beautiful moments with your partner. Pain while sex indicates there is something wrong happening in there.

Pain in the Pelvic Region:

If you are affected with HPV you may suffer from pain in the pelvic region as the virus affects your pelvic region through your vagina and pain in your pelvic area indicates something wrong happening. Not every pain in the pelvic area indicates a Symptom of HPV in females because many other issues like problems in the menstrual cycle, menopause,

 Appendix and bacterial infections in the urinary tract can also cause pain in the abdomen. You may feel bloating and pain in the lower abdomen when you are expecting so don’t take every pain as an indication of HPV but, don’t forget this could be a symptom of HPV.

Vaginal Discharge Which Occurs (Infrequently):

If you don’t usually discharge a lot from the vagina or you are not having any leukorrhea before then you must be concerned if you have an infrequent discharge. You discharge while having sex or when you are ovulating. Before your periods are there you also discharge mucous discharge that indicates your cycle is coming. But if discharging without any of these reasons it could be one of the symptoms of HPV in females.

Bleeding From Your Private Area (Vagina):

Every young woman goes through vaginal bleeding once a month when her cycle completes. you may bleed twice or don’t bleed for more than a month if you are having PCOS or PCOD. These both are women’s fertility or hormonal disturbing agents. But if you are bleeding not like your period day or that’s not your period then you should be concerned because it could be a symptom of HPV in females. Especially if you experience bleeding after having sex or during sex then it is the major symptom of HPV so having pain or blood while sex should be considered seriously and one experiencing this should immediately content their health care provider and gets treatment started as soon as possible.

Symptoms When HPV Leads to Cervical Cancer:

If not noticed on time and get treated, HPV may lead to cervical cancer. The symptoms indicating cervical cancer caused by HPV are as follows:

Weight loss: The females suffering from cervical cancer have observed a decrease in weight. You don’t lose weight every time with cervical cancer there could be other medical reasons also but weight loss is one of the major symptoms of cervical cancer. 

Having Difficulty While Passing Urine:

Cervical cancer causes problems in urination because all the passage of urination gets disturbed or gets influenced by viruses so the female going through HPV also feels disturbance and problems when it comes to making excess water out from the bladder. Even urine passing through the vagina hurts.

Bowel Movement:

 A female with HPV also feels uncomfortable when she is having a bowel movement. It completely makes you uncomfortable while you pass excess/waste food out of your body and if you avoid Bowel movement you remain uncomfortable, with a bloated and more painful abdomen.

Blooded Urine:

Blood in urine always indicates that there is something harmful happening in your body. While having blood in the urine is also a symptom of HPV in females.


It should always be your priority to make sure your private parts are healthy. Do check your vagina personally and take doctor’s appointments at least twice in six months. A healthy vagina makes you a healthy woman and also you can enjoy your life fearlessly.


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